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FINETUDES is a think-tank that aims to deal with topical issues around four financial pillars : Corporate Finance; Business Finance; Market Finance; Legal Finance.


Our DNA is focused on knowledge, research, and analysis.


Some of our conferences are organized by ourselves while others are organized by our associative partners. Our studies are conducted by experts or passionate students for 4 to 6 months. They are finance professionals, students, researchers, but above all, they are people who like to debate, to understand and analyze

This is the spirit of our Think-Tank.


​However, research is sometimes complex, and inaccessible for an uninitiated readership. That is why, in addition to our studies, we have made explanatory videos to popularize our studies and allow everyone to understand them in a more pedagogical way. 

Finally, our think tank is international, that is why we often publish international papers, which deal with international issues and challenges in other countries. They are mostly conducted by people living in these countries, who share the knowledge and the challenges of their countries in English.